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On November 26, the UNIÓ, an association of Health and Social Entities, approved the incorporation of YASYT Robotics as a new collaborating partner. The group of Collaborating Associates is an innovation hub formed by different companies that are committed to innovation and digital transformation in healthcare and social organizations. We look forward to growing together!…(+)


One of the projects we work on is Mifisionline. Mifisionline is an online program of healthy habits for companies that aim to prevent injuries. Our colleague Núria Infiesta Capdevila explains this project very well and talks about the consequences of teleworking and “fast life” in an article by Vitae Health Innovation. Check out the interview…(+)

Robroom is already a reality!

Our RobRoom project began before the summer at the Hospital d’Olot and the region of La Garrotxa. The project aims to improve the support of hospitalized people and facilitate the work of healthcare personnel by placing fifteen Alexa devices (Echo 8) in the unit rooms and nursing controls. From YASYT we have developed different functionalities…(+)

Training at Softbank Robotics

On February 26 and 27, 2020, our colleagues Marc and Guille were at Softbank Robotics Europe receiving training on Pepper’s mobility, location and mapping. During these days they learned Pepper’s functionalities to be able to locate and place itselve in a space, such as mapping the area through 3D cameras so that it can move…(+)

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Interview with Neus Domènech Oller

Neus is very important to Yasyt Robotics, as she is pushing and leading the RobRoom project at the Hospital of Olot and Comarcal de la Garrotxa and we wanted to share with you his vision of our ...(+)

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We are working in our UX Methodology

One of the basic points of YASYT Robotics is the User Experience, because if we are not able to put the user at the centre of our vision, it will be very difficult for us to achieve their ...(+)

Our five lines of research

As explained already, the first stage of YASYT Robotics will focus mainly on research but with the very clear objective of obtaining results which add value and which contribute to improving people’s ...(+)

Why do you call yourselves YASYT?

José Luis Infiesta, the CEO and founder of YASYT Robotics, explains the origin of the name and what it means. Since school I have always been fascinated by the great French philosopher, physicist ...(+)

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