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Training at Softbank Robotics

On February 26 and 27, 2020, our colleagues Marc and Guille were at Softbank Robotics Europe receiving training on Pepper’s mobility, location and mapping. During these days they learned Pepper’s functionalities to be able to locate and place itselve in a space, such as mapping the area through 3D cameras so that it can move…(+)

Pepper at Olot Mobile Week

On February 20, 2020, YASYT Robotics will participate in an activity within the Mobile Week 2020 at Olot Hospital. Mobile Week aims to bring technological innovations to the public and create spaces for participation. The activities take place in 16 cities in Catalonia, one of them, Olot. The three key themes of this edition are…(+)

YASYT Robotics participates in the 5th congress of the ACP of ACRA

Last Wednesday, October 16, 2019, the 5th day of Person-centered Care congress of ACRA took place in #Cosmocaixa. More than 300 professionals attended the talks, reflections and debates focused on the needs and preferences of the elderly and how technology will transform and facilitate comprehensive care. Our CEO, José Luis Infiesta and one of our…(+)

YASYT Robotics receives the Social Integration through ICT Award

On September 25 during the Information and Communication Technologies in Catalonia Day, GrausTIC Association presented the GrausTIC Awards 2019. YASYT Robotics has won the First Prize in the category of Social Integration through ICT, presenting the Helderly project, (Humanizing Elderly) We moved to Cosmo Caixa, where this event was organized and we received this award…(+)

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We are working in our UX Methodology

One of the basic points of YASYT Robotics is the User Experience, because if we are not able to put the user at the centre of our vision, it will be very difficult for us to achieve their ...(+)

Our five lines of research

As explained already, the first stage of YASYT Robotics will focus mainly on research but with the very clear objective of obtaining results which add value and which contribute to improving people’s ...(+)

Why do you call yourselves YASYT?

José Luis Infiesta, the CEO and founder of YASYT Robotics, explains the origin of the name and what it means. Since school I have always been fascinated by the great French philosopher, physicist ...(+)

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