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Pepper participates in a film shoot about social robotics

On Tuesday May 14, Yasyt Robotics and Pepper participated in a film shoot showing how Pepper can interact with the elderly in the future. Filming was carried out by Dorlisse Díaz and Daniel Resnich from Goodmoment. It was a nice experience to share our time with them and to imagine a future where people and…(+)

Pepper participates in the First Lego League at La Salle

One of the YASYT Robotics Peppers took part in a First Lego League tournament hosted by La Salle-URL. The First Lego League is an international robotics challenge for young people between the age of 10 and 16 years of age. 25 teams from throughout Catalonia took part in a program which encourages them to discover…(+)

YASYT Robotics in La Marató de TV3

La Marató de TV3, which took place on 16 December 2018, dealt with cancer this year. During the 14 hours of the live program, more than 10 million euros was raised, coming from both the public and from businesses. YASYT Robotics played an active part in this year’s Marató with Pepper, who participated in the…(+)

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Collaboration of Pepper in Marato de TV3

In the daily program of TV3, Tot es Mou, made reference to Pepper, our Social robot. One of the presenters of this edition of La Marato, Eloi Cordomí, worked on the rehearsals with Pepper. He explained in the program, Tot es Mou, who is and what Pepper can do to help people, in the day…(+)




Interview with Òscar Dalmau, Director of Unió Consorci Formació (UCF)

Òscar Dalmau is the Director of UCF and Director of the International Centre for Lifelong Training at the Fundació Universitària del Bages. For the last eight years, Oscar Dalmau has directed the Unió Consorci Formació, a company responsible for healthcare training. Right from the outset Oscar has had confidence in us and supported our project…(+)


We are working in our UX Methodology

One of the basic points of YASYT Robotics is the User Experience, because if we are not able to put the user at the centre of our vision, it will be very difficult for us to achieve their satisfaction. It’s for this reason that we are creating our own YUX4R, (YASYT User Experience for Robots)…(+)

Our five lines of research

As explained already, the first stage of YASYT Robotics will focus mainly on research but with the very clear objective of obtaining results which add value and which contribute to improving people’s quality of life. Our overall approach can be broken down into two major stages: The research phase, during which we aim to identify…(+)

Why do you call yourselves YASYT?

José Luis Infiesta, the CEO and founder of YASYT Robotics, explains the origin of the name and what it means. Since school I have always been fascinated by the great French philosopher, physicist and mathematician René Descartes and his famous phrase: “I think, therefore I am”. What excites me is the idea that we become…(+)

YASYT Robotics collaborates with La Marató de TV3

On 16 December, YASYT, will be taking part in La Marató de TV3. Pepper, our social robot, will be taking part in La Marató de TV3, a 15 hour long fund-raising program. La Marató de TV3 is a charitable initiative launched by Catalan television and the Fundació La Marató de TV3 and is aimed at…(+)